I have wanted my career to be based in creativity ever since I was in grade school, but I never knew how passionate I was for graphic design until I began my education in it. Now I can't imagine myself doing anything else professionally.
I graduated from the University of Arkansas in May 2022 with a BFA in graphic design. My education and work is primarily based in branding and data visualization, but I love taking any chance I can get to work with new clients in UX and UI.  
As I approached the end of my time at the University of Arkansas, I continued creating visual solutions to design problems for clients, continue to foster my relationships with creatives, and served my student body as co-president of the university AIGA chapter. 

Post undergrad, I dove into the world of software technology and grew my experience and education in software based design and research, gaining knowledge from my peers in all things collaborative design. Primarily advancing my technical skills with Adobe Illustrator and user experience design. My time in the field found me craving something with more variability and creative output, and now I find myself driven to achieve a simple goal through hard work: I want to create good work with good people.
I look forward to working together!

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